2021 NEWS

Mad March - and that's what is was for us this year - 306 of our sailors and volunteers sailing during the month.  Absolutely amazing and credit and many thanks go to our sailors, instructors, volunteers and our sponsors for making this happen.  

March's sailing included:

PARA SAILORS WEEKLY TRAIING - as well as their regular bi-weekly training program at HHYC, 6 x 2.4mRs sailed to Middle Island for the race over the weekend of 13th & 14th March, which takes around 6 hours and it not easy, only to find the weekend's racing had been cancelled due to another COVID cluster being found in Sai Ying Pun.  They then had to sail back!  Thanks go to our sailors, Coach Ed, Volunteers Fred, Jenny, Jeannette and Lydia for their involvement, support and encouragement as always.

SATURDAY SAILING GROUP - happy to be back to some sort of 'normal' and as always they have enjoyed meeting new volunteers joining us and new instructors to our regular team.  Welcome to Instructors Jack, Jesse and Andy and thank you for the interest in what we do at Sailability.

GOLDEN AGE VOLUNTEER TRAINING to assist with our SEN Schools Programs - 12 joined this program learning how to become a supportive volunteer - learning the tricks of the trade!!  Thank you to Sunny for his help with this. Here they are having an introduction to our boats.  The Hong Club have also donated funds for a Senior Program - if you are interested in joining as a volunteer or sailor please contact us

HONG KONG SOCIETY FOR THE BLIND returned with a new group of sailors who enjoyed their first sailing experience and can't wait to come back again on 2nd May 2021.

TIER 2 SAIL TRAINING GROUP for sailors with a physical disability is growing with many more joining these sessions hoping one day to join our Para Sailing Team.  Keep up the hard work - it will be worth it in the end.

MARGARET TRENCH RED CROSS SCHOOL teachers etc participated in their first sailing session following a ZOOM presentation to staff, students and Parents.  Training is being provided to them so that they can feel confident on the water when their students come to sail with us in May.  They like everyone else enjoyed their introduction to sailing and are looking forward to more!

SCALLYWAG FOUNDATION PROGRAM (sponsored by Sun Hung Kai) - we had a mammoth month with 12 sessions being undertaken for 76 sailors sailing.  Those joining this program for the under - represented in Hong Kong were from:  Tsui Ting Tong, Morning Hope and Kai Oi Schools, 3 Groups of students on the Autism Spectrum and a group of girls/young ladies from our Ethnic Community.  All groups thoroughly enjoyed their introduction to sailing and the courses being provided by Sun Hung Kai.  Huge thanks from us all to Sun Hung Kai for making this happen.     


.....and everyone is so happy - our sailors, instructors, volunteers alike and at Sailability Hong Kong are taking responsible precautions in line with Government recommendations. We had a great month albeit restrictions were in place with 122 of our sailors and volunteers on the water sailing!

All our Instructors, volunteers, in fact anyone assisting within our programs will need to provide a negative COVID-19 negative test every 14 days. By complying with this all our programs can restart.

We started with volunteers on 6th & 13th February, working in 2's at HHYC, as we set about checking our boats to ensure they are all in working order.  We have also fitted new reefing lines to some of the older boats which will make many sailors happy. A few of our regular sailors took to the water over the weekend of 6/7th and 15th February.  We were also able to finish the last day of an HKSF level 1&2 on 15th February for staff and volunteers of one of our partnering NGOs, who sail with us on a regular basis, + a couple of our own volunteers.  Great news - they have all passed!!!!!


Volunteering training commences on 22nd February for Golden Age Sailors who are looking to be volunteers for our schools' programs.  This will be of great benefit to both groups as they enjoy the sessions together.  If this is of interest to you please let us know and maybe you could join us.


During the shutdown we have found other things to do and getting our 2nd Enterprise ready to sail was at the top of the list.  Initial work was undertaken by volunteers Mark & Ernest and now she has been handed over the Dragon Marine to add their finishing touches.


This second Enterprise will be called 'Mike's Enterprise' in memory of one of our founders - Mike.  It will be easily recognised when sailing as it will have the name on its sails together with a Sailability logo.  Mike and Kay owned 3 Enterprises during their sailing days in the UK - all wooden and it was Mike's wish to have a class for use by both our sailors and volunteers.  Now his wishes are coming to fruitition!!!  Only one problem - we need a boom.  If anyone knows of an Enterprise boom in HK please let us know.  


Mr Liu - one of our regular Golden Age Volunteers who will be assisting with the new volunteer training programs. 


Mr Liu we all love you!!!.

Mike's Enterprise at Dragon Marine after a rub down and a first undercoat.

Looking even better after a second undercoat.

Keep watching this space for updates!!!

Thank you Dragon Marine.



This is the tag line of the RYA (Royal Yachting Association) to which Sailability Hong Kong is accredited, as we came to the end of 2020.  The same applies to us all at Sailability Hong Kong as say goodbye to 2020 and welcome 2021.  We all came through it and are still smiling - let's look to a happier and healthier year with lots of sailing. 


More importantly as we look forward to a restart to our programs with new schools, NGOs, Organisations and private individuals, as well as our regular sailors, waiting to get back in their boats, have the wind in their hair and feel the benefits of what Sailability Hong Kong offers.  Together we can make it happen.


Our programs were suspended once again on 5th December 2020 with the closure of all sporting programs.  Why not take a look back at our sailing news of 2020 as a reminder of what we did achieve in 2020 and why we all love to be on the water,  how beneficial it is to us all.  We managed to achieve a lot in the few months we were able to operate.

At the moment it doesn't look as if we will be back sailing until after Chinese New Year and then maybe not until March.  Let's do what we all do at Sailability and look to the positives and work towards the busy times ahead.  They will come!!!


Looking forward - take a look at this page to cheer yourself up as you see the events already being organised as we look forward to later this year.  You will be amazed and if you would like to be part of any of these events please contact me at kay@sailability.org.hk 

2021 NEWS

As we go forward during our suspension we thought you would like to meet some of our instructors and volunteers and learn more about them and why they became involved with Sailability.

Watch this space they will be appearing shortly.

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