2020 News 

2020 NEWS

Announcement: 28th February 2020

In support of the ongoing efforts in Hong Kong to curtail the spread of the Coronavirus, Sailability Hong Kong's sailing programs are suspended until further notice.  

We will of course continue to monitor developments, seek advice from relevant Government Departments and adjust our approach in accordance with the changing circumstances. 

For the most updated information on the virus and advice on prevention, more information can be found on: https://www.chp.gov.hk/en/features/102465.html

In the meantime if you have any questions please feel free to contact us at:  kay@sailability.org.hk

Mike Rawbone

Co-Founder & Chairman

Sailor Awards 2019 - April 1st 

We are delighted to announce the winners of the 2019 Sailor Award categories. These would normally be presented at the Sailors Award evening celebrations but given the current COVID-19 lock down and precautions, the cups and medals will be presented to the winners later in the year:  

Para Sailor of the Year: FOO Yuen Wai

Most Improved Para Sailor of the Year: CHEUNG Chi Lik, Eric

SEN Sailor of the Year: Ms Alexandra Jones

Most Improved SEN Sailor of the Year: CHUN  Nok Ching, Edward

School Of the Year: Jockey Club Sarah Roe

Sailability Volunteer of the Year: NG Tsz Chung, Paul

The Sun Hung Kai Foundation (Scallywag) have nominted a winner for their award (Scallywag Sailor of the Year) and will confirm who this is once they have contacted and notified the recipient). As the individual has sailed with us for many weeks during the year, their name wil be added to this above winners list in due course. 

Congratulations to all winners. We look forward to recognising you more publically in due course...............

 28th March - Enterprise No 3 Found ! 


With thanks to our Volunteer NG Tsz Chung, Paul - a 3rd Enterprise was located at Chinese University Water Sports Centre. Paul traced the owner and learned that the boat was no longer being used and was available to the charity should we want it! Thank you very much Mr Lo - all donations to Sailability are gratefully received and this one especially as it represents the 3rd boat we have and the formation of an Enterprise 'class' within 'Sailability Hong Kong'. 

The boat is actually complete. It needs a few small repairs and a new paint job so it is likely this one will be sailing before the earlier 2nd Enterprise find which needs a lot more work (See below). 

At HHYC and parked next to our first (already renovated) Enterprise

And with many thanks due to our Volunteers and various generous donors we are managing to spend our time constructively during the Covid-19 lock down

Kay Patterson, a GenCom member from HHYC found a dumped 'Enterprise' in the Country Park and has since donated this to Sailability (the boat was probably built c1980'ish era but unfortunately no traces of a sail number were found). In a very bad condition, it needed a hole in the floor repaired, a complete new set of thwarts, replacement seats, a new forward bulkhead, lifting handles , spars, sails, rigging, rudder & tiller and many other parts not to mention a completely new paint job.     


When found:                                                                                                                 After hull repairs & Painting:




The boat is now being re-assembled after repair and painting and thanks to many part donors (which came to us via our FaceBook page) will be sailing soon. Nearly forgot - the boat had been named by Kay as 'Bits & Pieces'.  What else I hear you say..........

Oh Yes.....................Thanks to Andy Service we found another dumped boat in Tai Po. This is in a worse condition than the first Enterprise has now become a renovation project for our Volunteers many of whom sailed in these boats years ago and who now want to sail them again. Same basic needs as the first boat- except this one has 2 holes in the hull !  Our sincere thanks also to Chris Lau at Little Palm Beech for donating 3 sets of sails, many spares and a jib pole for this boat. Most urgent needs now are to find the spars and rigging...........







Meantime, we are looking for a third boat so eventually we have a 'class'. 

Renovation of Hansa 303's January & February 2020

We have also taken the opportunity to have our 5 oldest Hansa 303's (those delivered to us in 2010 -11) repaired and renovated. Some of the damage was caused by Typhoon Hato but most has just resulting from continual usuage, UV damage and very fair wear & tear over the years.


The funding for these repairs plus a few other replacement parts and sails was made possible by the Donation from the 2019 Arbitrators Ball - our sincere thanks to them again. 

Hopefully, the renovations will give us another few good years sailing in these popular dinghies. 

Tuesday 28th January - Scallywag Groups

2 Groups of Scallywag sailors took to the water today. Luckily, they have sailed with us before as it was quite blustery out there not to mention - cold.

Thank you to our Volunteers and Instructors for their support and to Kay for the Chinese New Year red packets and the cake!   

Sunday 5th January - Jardine Mindset

Our second sailing day with this enthusiastic group. Another 24 people from Mindset made up of sailors, helpers and volunteers join our team for their first day of sailing.   Many said they would like to come back again and join a course!

Saturday 4th January started our new year of sailing with 12 sailors taking to the water for another fun day out on the water. Good weather, sun and wind! A good omen for the coming year we hope.... 

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