About us

Based at Hebe Haven Yacht Club  in Sai Kung, Sailability Hong Kong's bi-lingual programs aim to provide a safe environment for people with disabilities or those dealing with challenges through illness, accident etc to learn to sail and to enjoy time on the water.


We are also able to provide the necessary training to those having ambition and determination to participate in local regattas, attend international events, represent their country and compete against the more able bodied on a 'level playing field'.

Our sailors, with intellectual and physical disabilities have already won one gold and three bronze medals at International events and are looking to win more with  your support.


We are Volunteer led,  receive no Government funding  and rely totally on donations from local organisations, other charities, educational organisations and members of the public.  


We were were originally granted Charity Status by the Hong Kong Inland Revenue in February 2011 - Our registered charity number being: 91/11325. Since then, we have changed our name to 'Sailability Hong Kong Limited' and the Inland Revenue have issued a new Charity number which is: 91/15775