64th HKSF Festival of Sport - 26/27 June 2021 at HHYC

Great to see another regatta this year following so many disappointments.

Sailability will again be entering with sailors joining in 2.4mRs and Hansa 303.

Once again it will be an inclusive race for us with sailors with various challenges in life participating.  Some sailing by themselves others with a buddy to support and provide both instruction and to give confidence.

World Sailing's Steering the Course - Women's Sailing Festival

21st - 30th May 2021 at HHYC - Sailability Sponsors Mercedes-Benz & HFW - thank you!


Sailing is one of the most inclusive sports there is, and can be enjoyed by anyone, whether they choose to sail as a recreational hobby or compete at the highest level.  World Sailing, strive, as we at Sailability Hong Kong do to make our sport accessible to all, regardless of age, gender or ability. Steering the Course is an international festival which will provide opportunities for women and girls across the world to get into sailing, as well as encourage pathways into coaching and race management. This is a global initiative to bring together sailing communities, highlighting the achievements of women already within the sport, as well as attracting those who have never tried it before.

Sailability as always will be joining and organising their events with HHYC and the events committee, to make it a great success for Hong Kong.

Event promotion so far has been via RTHK's 123 Show - thank you so much Noreen and the SCMP - thank you Nazvi - both great supporters of what we do at Sailability.  More coverage to come soon.

If you are interested in joining this event as a sailor, volunteer, coach, Safety Boat Driver etc., or if you would like more information now, please contact me at kay@sailability.org.hk 


Sailability has secured 2 amazing sponsors for this event - all will be revealed soon.  Booking for our Sailability Hansa 303 boats will also be opening soon - watch this space or contact me now if you are interested.  

incorporting the HHYC Open Regatta 22nd & 23rd May 2021

This event will be taking place during the second and third day of our World Sailing Steering the Course event - see above

Watch this space for more details as we receive them.  Last year saw 23 of our boats participating + a volunteer and one of our sailors in a Quest.


One again Sailability will participate in 3 classes: 2.4mR, Hansa 303 & Liberty. 

Bart's Bash 2021 Regatta: 11th September 2021

Bart’s Bash is the flagship annual event of the Andrew Simpson Foundation, inspired by Olympic Gold and Silver medalist Andrew ‘Bart’ Simpson MBE who passionately believed that everyone should have the chance to try sailing and enjoy the many benefits that it brings.

This Annual event is the largest global race attracting over 600 sailing clubs world wide to raise money for charity. We will enter a large fleet again this year which will include a Ladies Helm; Crew Helm, J80, Youth and of course Sailability classes.  

All monies raised at this event will benefit Sailability Hong Kong - thank you everyone!!


Hansa World & International Championships 2021

Palermo, Sicily, Italy - 2nd to 8th  October 2021

The venue for the 2021 Hansa Class World and International Championships has been announced and will take place in Palermo, Sicily in 2021 hosted by the Associazione Italiana Classe Hansa (AICH).

This change will bring the Hansa Class World Championship align better with Para World Sailing Championships which are held in alternate years.

Para World Sailing have announced as part of their 2020 – 2023 Para World Sailing Strategy that, at The Hague 2022 Sailing World Championships in the Netherlands, Para World Sailing Classes will be included in the programme of events and will continue to be included in editions thereafter. This replaces the previous yearly Para World Sailing Championships that had been held every year since 1991. In order to award yearly World Championship titles in Para World Sailing Classes, they will be held in conjunction with Open Class World Championships in years not coinciding with the Sailing World Championships.

The Organising Authority will be announcing more details about the 2021 event shortly and details will be provided here.

We hope to be participating in this event with sailors of all abilities.



New Date TBA for 2021: 

Master Mariner Challenge 

Welcome to the Master Mariner Group who will be at HHYC for a Team Building challenge.  Sadly this too was postponed, however, a new date will be announced shortly. 

Middle Island Open is also Cancelled!!!!


MIDDLE ISLAND OPEN 2021 - 13 to 14 March

Sadly this much looked forward event was cancelled due to COVID 19 restrictions.  We are all looking forward to 2022.

The Middle Island Open is the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club's new open dinghy event.

Based out of the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club’s Middle Island facility, racing will take place across two race courses in the areas of Repulse Bay, Deep Water Bay, Stanley, Tai Tam and Beaufort.

We look forward to seeing you on the start line.



Optimist Main420

Optimist Intermediate29er

2.4mRRS Feva

Laser 4.7Laser Radial

Hong Kong Race Week 2021 cancelled - replaced by the Middle Island Open (above)

Sadly due to COVID-19 4th Wave restrictions the very popular start to the sailing year regatta has been cancelled.

RHKYC are looking to organise an alternative event that will be going LIVE & LOCAL over the weekend of 13th & 14th March 2021

Watch this space for updates as we receive them.

Master Mariners Challenge.jpg


hk Race week postponed.png