Our Story

Our story started in 2009 and continues today.

What is Sailability?

Sailability is a "not for profit“ volunteer-based organisation which, through the activity of  sailing, aims to enrich the lives of people with a disability, including  those with higher support needs and those with other life challenges.

Our Objective

The objective of ‘Sailability’ is to provide the opportunity for those with a disability or those experiencing some of life’s challenges to participate in an activity they may not otherwise have the opportunity to participate in and/or enjoy. In addition, some may find they have sufficient interest and ability to join a structured training course resulting in recognised sailing certification.

Our Programs

Our Hong Kong based program is based on the British & Australian Sailability experiences and specifically seeks to enhance a persons sense of achievement; improve self-confidence & independence and to provide the opportunity to find a new interest which raises life skill levels.   


Where are we now? 

We have grown from our first 2 boats in 2010 to 31 boats in 4 classes. Following the hosting of Asia's first Paralympic Development Program for World Sailing at Hebe Haven Yacht Club in March 2017 we are now seen the leader for sailing for those with a disability in Asia.  We compete both locally and internationally with our physically and intellectually disabled and hope this continues.  We have won a total of 6 medals in Korea, Australia, Japan & Hong Kong. 

Our local schools programs are increasing and our Saturday Sailors and Para Sailing Team highlight what  Sailability can do.  Why not come to see what we do - you will be amazed.

A Power Point presentation on our history and story so far is available from our 'Policies & Downloads' page.

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