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Sailability Hong Kong - Making Sailing Accessible to EVERYONE

Founded in 2009 and with our official opening day in 2010, 'Sailability Hong Kong Limited' was formed to provide the opportunity for anyone with a disability (physical or intellectual) to learn to sail or have a water based experience. Whether aged 7 or above, we believe that sailing increases self-confidence, independence, responsibility and self-esteem whilst learning and having fun.

To date, 5000+ different people with a disability or other life challenges from within the Hong Kong community have sailed with us, many coming back time and time again..........

We now conduct in excess of 4,000 individual sailing lessons, weather permitting, each year.   

in 2016, we introduced new programs to allow more senior sailors to use our facilities as part of their rehabilitation following a major accident and/or illness.

In 2019/2020, we developed further programs for the hearing and visually impaired, people with  spinal injuries, brain injuries, muscular dystrophy and mental wellness groups. In addition, we held our first sailing course for the elderly, ethnic minority groups and those on low income.  These programs continue to make an impact as we work towards Sailability Hong Kong being even more inclusive and the promotion of our programs as being MORE than sailing.


In fact we support EVERYONE to have the opportunity to learn to sail!!

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Why not invest in what we do and a become monthly donor from HK$100 per month. Monthly donations make such as difference and help us to plan ahead in all we do.  You can help us as we change lives through our therapeutic sailing programmes. Just click on the donate button - it's easy!

You can also  donate your time/expertise as a volunteer to enhance our sailing programs, build up our 'Support a Sailor' program and become part of our Sailability Family.
It's a 'Two Way Street' - giving and receiving in all we do.



At Sailability HK we offer our sailors the support they need to face and conquer the many challenges they may experience on and off the water.

Irrespective of ability, age, gender, ethnicity, status etc., we make things happen with our fleet which offers sailing at all levels.


Our qualified 

instructors and volunteers support our sailors to get on the water safely, teach them to sail and/or enjoy a waterborne experience  - hopefully to start a new way of life.


Sailing is one of the few sports, in which able bodied sailors and disabled sailors can take part on equal terms. We offer a inclusive sport.



Seeing is believing!

Come and see what we do.  Sailability HK is MORE than sailing whilst 'Making Sailing Accessible to Everyone'


We continue to offer the opportunity to sail whilst enabling people to realise their potential through personalised training and support.

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